Strategic Priority on Innovation – Concept Note

December 11, 2017 

Innovation has been discussed as a possible new project by IMCRA since the ICMRA meeting in Interlaken, Switzerland in November 2016. To identify topics of greatest interest, ICMRA conducted a survey of its members in early 2017 to determine specific project focus areas. The members agreed on the content, including concrete themes, of the ICMRA Strategic Priority on Innovation (SPI). The SPI was formally approved and launched by ICMRA at its October 2017 meeting held in Kyoto, Japan.

To maintain transparency of ICMRA’s activities, a Concept Note was prepared to provide a brief overview of the issues the ICMRA SPI aims to address, the rationale for why ICMRA should address these issues and how ICMRA plans to add value, and the concrete work plan for the SPI.  This Concept Note has been endorsed as a formal ICMRA document.